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EZSoundTrax is a service meant to help the professionals of the film industry who need unique music in a very quick and non-complicated way for their film (being it a commercial, documentary or fictional one).

How many times has a reference track simply matched perfectly to the picture, nevertheless it was just impossible to buy its rights? Who hasn’t gone through that at least once?

EZSoundTrax is a virtual office for you to negotiate synchronization rights, with more than 100.000 tracks through our growing network of partner independent labels and publishers.

You can preview any of the songs on our catalog.

By joining EZSoundTrax, you may download* a hi-resolution mp3 file of the song you like so that you can use it as a reference track during the editing process of your film.

You can also get overnight pricing* of royalties and mechanicals for the synchronization, avoiding the risk of using tracks that down the road you find their costs to be prohibitive or even too complicated to get them.

And finally, you can start negotiating the rights of the music you wish to sync to your picture, by simply clicking on the © button that shows along with each track and filling the form with some basic information regarding your project.

Again, the purpose is to facilitate the way you get some great and unique music from around the world and for that you can get a list of the whole catalog, sorted by country of origin, among the other search criteria.

* Restrictions may apply.


: The easy way to license music for your soundtracks :