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I received an e-mail with a password on it. How can I change it ?
It’s easy! You simply logon with that password and your e-mail address and then click on the “My Account” button. You can then change any of your personal data there.

I received a pre-registration with a password via e-mail. I liked it and downloaded one track. Then I tried to download another song, but wasn’t allowed to do so. What should I do ?
It’s easy! If you received a pre-registration via e-mail, you’re allowed to download one single file, so that you can test and see how EZSoundTrax can help you on your next film. In order for you to get unlimited downloads, simply click on the “My Account” button and complete the form with your data. You’ll then receive confirmation of your full registration and will be automaticaly able to download as many tracks as you wish.

• The music I’m looking for must be instrumental. How can I find it ?
You have some options: you can search by genre (musical style), by either the artist’s or album’s name or even by keyword (in case you know the name of the music, for example). If none of this helps, you can simply click on the “Catalog” button, where you’ll get a complete list of the catalog available, sorted by country of origin

• What if I like one of the tracks on the site on the site and want to use it on my film. How can I get it’s license of use ?
Along with each individual track, there is a button with the © symbol. By clicking on that button, you will see a form, where you can fill with the basic information about the use you intend to give to that particular music. As our team receive that information, they will answer to you very quickly with information regarding costs and any procedures necessary for you to have the music licensed.

• I tried to preview a track, but couldn’t. What should I do ?
First of all, make sure that you have the latest Quicktime Player version. In case you don’t, you can download it for free from Apple’s site: www.apple.com/quicktime/download

• The music I liked is not available for download. What should I do ?
EZSoundTrax can only be responsible for the tracks it is commissioned to negotiate by their owners. In case of music that have their rights controlled by publishers/record companies not affiliated to EZSoundTrax, we can consult them as well, however we can not allow their material to be downloaded for free. In this case we are also not able to commit ourselves as for how quickly they will respond to your request.

What is the difference between EZSoundTrax and those online music libraries ?
EZSoundTrax is NOT simply another of those sites. On the contrary, EZSoundTrax offers you the access to a vast catalog of music, which’s synchronization rights will have to be paid for, since it refers to works from artists with distribution deals established worldwide. It is not music from any “John Doe” composer, but from very active independent artists from several countries. It is top notch music, made available through a very simple, non complicated way, in order to add value to your film.


: The easy way to license music for your soundtracks :